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Our electric furnace provides dependable heating in a variety of modes- adaptable to your home?s ductwork configuration. The furnace is also versatile enough to work with self-contained or split-system air conditioners or heat pumps. Available in 12kw & 15kw.

For added flexibility- split-system coil cabinets can be easily installed right in your home for either upflow or downflow air distribution. The unit is small and can easily fit into an alcove or closet. Its white appliance finish blends into its surrounding.

E4 Electric Furnaces

Proven components ensure high quality and dependability.

Designed for all sizes of manufactured housing applications ? ?ts easily in an enclosed closet or alcove.

Multi-speed blowers increase air movement to circulate heat in a large- multi-section home.

Appliance ?nish protects against rust and other corrosion.

Multiple con?gurations for up?ow and down?ow applications.



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