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There are a number of benefits that come with Micro-Channel coils- including:

  • Lighter
  • Use less refrigerant
  • Better heat transfer
  • Greater durability
  • Eliminates formicary corrosion

These evaporator coils are constructed of aluminum extruded tubes that are brazed to enhanced aluminum fins. Because Anteater MC coils are all aluminum- they eliminate the copper element in the formicary corrosion combination. Without copper- the corrosion process cannot happen.


This coil design provides water management and thermal performance results equal to the standard copper tube-in-fin designs- except with superior resistance to formicary corrosion and galvanic corrosion. Benefits include:

  • Same size as traditional tube-in-fin coils
  • Eliminates both formicary and galvanic corrosion
  • Reduced weight ? approximately half the weight of a traditional coil
  • Easier handling and servicing of units
  • Requires approximately 50% less refrigerant than traditional copper tube-in-fin coils


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