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  • MINI POCKET 4 in 1   #506370
    Summary The NEW Lutz 4-in-1 Pocket Mini Screwdriver offers four precision drivers in one compact tool. Comfortable textured grip allows for more precise, accurate handling. With high-strength, heat-treated bits, the Lutz 4-in-ONE Pocket Mini Screwdriver is a great "on the go" tool for quick uses. ..
    Ex Tax: $2.25
  • SCREWDRIVER 15 in 1   #506360
    With ergonomic handles and high-strength, heat treated bits, the Lutz Mult-Bit Screwdriver Collection is a perfect addition to any toolbox. Features: 15-in-One Driver offers: 1/8" Slotted x #0 Phillips Replacement Bit 1/4" Slotted x 3/16" Slotted Replacement Bit 1/4" Slotted x #2 Phillips Replacement Bit 5/32" Slotted x #3 Phillips Replacement Bit #1 x #2 Phillips Replacement Bit T15 x T20 Torx® Replacement Bit S1 x S2 Square Replacement Bit ..
    Ex Tax: $11.75
  • TAPE MEASURE 25'   #506350
    Lutz Pro 25 foot marking Tape Measures are designed for optimum ease-of-use. The cushion grip offers a non-slip surface for holding, a quick-release and locking button requiring minimal thumb, movement and fraction marks intended for quick reading.    ..
    Ex Tax: $7.25
  • UTILITY KNIFE   #506365
    Lutz heavy-duty retractable utility knives are designed to be reliable. Die cast from zinc for optimum strength and durability, they are built to last a lifetime. The Lutz #81 is primarily used in industrial applications. Diecast from zinc for maximum strength, this light-weight, easy-to-use, retractable utility knife is built to last. Each knife comes with 3 heavy duty replacement blades stored inside the knife.    ..
    Ex Tax: $3.75