Kool Seal

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  • KOOL SEAL ECONOMY   #401050
    1 gallon can This asphalt-based aluminum protects against moisture and also reflects sunlight to keep building interiors cooler.   Expected energy saving up to 20% Asphalt-based Aluminum protects against moisture and damaging UV rays Reflects sunlight to keep building interiors cooler Reinforced with fiber for durability ..
    Ex Tax: $22.25
    5 gallon can Coat with Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating to protect buildings from the elements for years. Highly reflective to keep interiors cooler and reduce energy costs—up to 35%! Guaranteed for 10 years.   Energy Saving up to 35% Reflects 90%+ of the sun's rays Designed to be durable in any climate Higher solids for better coverage Forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection Expands and contracts - clings to your roof in all temperatures Protects against moi..
    Ex Tax: $85.00
  • KOOL SEAL PREMIUM   #409105
    5 gallon can Our finest aluminum roof coating offers a 5-year consumer warranty. The unique formulation is specially developed to provide longer life. It protects against moisture, reduces sunlight heat build up and keeps building interiors cooler—providing energy savings up to 30%.   Protects against moisture Maintains aluminum color and reflectivity Unique asphalt and aluminum formulation Specially developed to provide longer life Reduces heat build up and keeps building..
    Ex Tax: $79.00