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  • A/COIL FILTER 24-47    #917763
    Pair of aluminum mesh 16x19 filters for use on air conditioning coils. Washable.   ..
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    There are a number of benefits that come with Micro-Channel coils, including: Lighter Use less refrigerant Better heat transfer Greater durability Eliminates formicary corrosion These evaporator coils are constructed of aluminum extruded tubes that are brazed to enhanced aluminum fins. Because Anteater MC coils are all aluminum, they eliminate the copper element in the formicary corrosion combination. Without copper, the corrosion process cannot happen.   This coil design provide..
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    Our electric furnace provides dependable heating in a variety of modes, adaptable to your home’s ductwork configuration. The furnace is also versatile enough to work with self-contained or split-system air conditioners or heat pumps. Available in 12kw & 15kw. For added flexibility, split-system coil cabinets can be easily installed right in your home for either upflow or downflow air distribution. The unit is small and can easily fit into an alcove or closet. Its white appliance finish blen..
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    Today, you'll find our high-efficiency gas furnaces in more manufactured homes than ever before. That's because more families are discovering only Intertherm furnaces offer such incredible efficiency and comfort, plus lots of other value-added features such as: Specifications Dual shut-off valves ensure 100% gas shut-off for safety Continuous fan switch circulates room air continuously during summer or winter operation to improve comfort. Built-In coil cabinet allows fast and e..
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    Description: For Use with Manufactured Housing AC and Heat Pumps.  Description: KT, FLTR,INST 18"; Mfg. #: 921784; ..
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    Packaged systems are designed to heat and cool your home. Your packaged unit may consist of either a heat pump or air conditioner; or a combination furnace and air conditioner called a gas/electric packaged unit. The system is installed on the outside of your home, providing cooling or heat from one space-saving unit. Available in 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 ton. You can rely on your Intertherm expert to make your home more comfortable with digital thermostats and other manufactured home access..
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